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 Tri State OFf Road Park "BEWARE"

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PostSubject: Tri State OFf Road Park "BEWARE"   Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:42 pm

This is in regard to the benefit bogg-in for Doug Crane and family. First off, I would like to thank everyone for going out and participating to help Doug and his family in a time of need.

Doug Crane is a part of the Neighbors Nightmare trucks. He drove the yellow one. Doug was racing at tri state off road park since day one when it was nothing but a hole in the ground. Doug being good with computers, stepped up and ran the websites for tri state after Dee left and the websites were locked and no one had the passwords to log on and update them, without costing the track money for something they could not use. Doug got a hold of yahoo and got everything rolling. Doug also used his own camera for the first year that he ran the website to take pictures and post them to the website.

After that time, Ray bought a camera for Doug to take pics with for track usage. Doug did all this for tri state (Ray) for over 2 years, never asking anything from Ray. He did it just because he wanted to help the track and the sport he loves. Doug stopped taking care of the website about 3 years ago. About a year and a half ago, Doug got in a car wreck, rolling his truck twice and hitting a light pole in mid air about 6 feet up. The truck and everything in it was destroyed. One of those things being the camera Ray had bought for the track. Then about a year ago when Mark Manning (Big Bend Boggers) started coming around, Ray called Doug asking for the camera. Doug told Ray what had happen to the camera. Ray then tells Doug that he would like to buy Mark a camera to GIVE to him for taking pics. Ray asked Doug to pay him $150.00 for the camera so he could buy a new one to give to Mark. Doug tells Ray whatever..... end of story!!!

Now this past weekend (10-28-2011) Ray puts on a benefit for Doug and his family due to a tramatic house fire. Ray calls Doug Sunday (10-30-2011 4:45pm), I was standing there when he called, and lets Doug know about a hundred people showed up and the track had raised $400 for him and his family. But, Ray then let Doug know that he was going to take $150 of the benefit money out for the camera.

This "WOWED" Doug after all he has done for Ray and Tri State Off Road Park. This is the kind of repay he got back!!!! So, I thought it would be a good idea for the racing community of Tri State to know the kind of person that is running and owns the track!! What kind of person puts on a benefit for someone with NO house due to a fire and then takes the money out for a camera to buy for a guy that I've only seen at tri state a few!!!!!!!!!! (NOT A SHOT AT Mark, I know you got other things going)

Doug was at Tri State every time the gates opened for 4 years straight and gave free labor to Ray. And, this is the way Ray payed him back.......Thanks

This will be posted on every mud racing web board I can think of just so everybody knows the kind of person they're dealing with at Tri State Off Road Park.

Thanks, Dwight Samples
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Tri State OFf Road Park "BEWARE"
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